Monday, 8 May 2017

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain to Grow at Home

California’s cannabis industry is experiencing a massive boom. With development and growth increasingly becoming the primary focus of regulators, along with evidence medical research is unveiling, new growers have never been so plentiful. Growing a marijuana strain at home is more popular than ever, so what should you remember when learning how to grow marijuana strains?

These six tips will help you choose the right marijuana strain for your home and climate: 

1. Space Requirements

Your entire grow operation will revolve around the space that you have available for it. You need the right lighting set up correctly, and ideally, to grow marijuana indoor in a room needs fans, carbon filters, and other tools for basic physics. That is just one aspect of your space considerations. The other is the plants themselves, particularly their height, roots, and flowering needs. Choose strains suitable for your space.

2. Genetic Lineage

There is good growing and there is excellent growing. Genetics is what makes the difference. High-grade marijuana strains win international awards, attract interest, and produce the most sought after flowers in the world. When discovering how to grow marijuana strains, you will learn about the crucial role that genetics play in medical efficacy, effect, potency, climate resistance, and more. Think about this before growing your strain.

3. Flowering Needs

Weather is a crucial factor you must consider before growing your own cannabis. Different cannabis strains have varied needs. Flowering time is no exception. Some strains take longer to flower and need more time to ripen, as well. Others only require a short seasonal cycle. You can create an indoor environment to mimic the plant’s flowering needs, and even trigger this phase at will, but it is always wise to choose a strain already suited to your geographic location and weather patterns.

4. Growing Purpose

Your reason for growing a marijuana strain should be a deciding factor in your final choice. Medical cannabis strains are typically high in cannabinoids, which are not psychoactive. THC is responsible for making you high, so strains with increased levels of THC will be more psychologically potent. If you do not enjoy getting stoned yet want the medicinal benefits, choose a low-THC, high CBD strain.

5. Cultivation Methods

The cultivation techniques available are the most exciting aspects of growing marijuana strains, as they have a direct influence on overall yield. There are high- and low-stress techniques that maximize harvest in different ways. A strain’s response to some methods relies heavily on its genetics. Research strains that will cope well with the growing techniques you intend experimenting with and using.

6. Desired Effect

The marijuana strain that you grow will determine the effect that you feel when using it. Sativas are uplifting and energetic, making them ideal for daytime use when there are tasks to do. On the opposite spectrum, indicas are sedating and more suitable for relaxation times. Hybrids of the two are available, and when you come across them in your search, choose the dominant genetics accordingly. So choose wisely the type of strain you want to grow.

These tips should narrow your calculations and will help you to choose the right strain to grow at home keeping in mind all the required conditions. The marijuana strain you choose to grow could mean the success or failure of your harvest. Consider your climate. Measure your grow space. Do your research properly, and if all else fails and you don’t know the proper method to grow cannabis, then a cannabis delivery service in California can provide the finest quality medical marijuana available today, right on your doorstep within 45 minutes of placing your order. 


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